Site News You Can't Use: Nothing Doing Today

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My sincerest apologies to those of you who were looking for baseball and human condition coverage at Walkoff Walk today. Unfortunately, the site is taking a day off. Please go enjoy Big League Stew or any number of fine team blogs.

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But, but, but you said you were going to glog the Braves/Cubs game.

I guess I'll just have to sneak glances at it on my iphone then.

I hope Rob doesn't have scabies.

WoWies UNITE!!!
We'll meet up at the secret meeting place at the secret meeting time.

Bartolo Colon has gone missing!

Somewhere, Tommy Lee Jones is imploring his men to search every steakhouse, Waffle House, Huddle House, Pancake House...

Secret meeting place, eh? Allright - which Dunkin Donuts this time?

Leave Icarane alone. He's getting the Heist ready for you ingrates.
Wish I could be there.

@njp, ask any fat girl or Bartolo Colon how they would want to die and they would point to that link.

You'd have to find big Bart first to ask him.

I've been humming this ever since I read that story.

What up, WoWie peeps? Going to miss the Heist, very sorry.

You'll be sorely missed, Chief.

Really bummed I cannot make it but we start filming Monday and I am not even close to being ready. I'd appreciate it if someone got wasted and acted inappropriately in my honor.

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