The National Archives Has (a Few) Neat Pictures

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The U.S. National Archives has entered the world of Web 2.0 and social networking and providing free content to lazy sportsbloggers. Yep, they're on Flickr. Here's a 61-year-old photograph of two famous Georges having a chance meeting on the mound:


Yes, after a successful prep school career, former President George H.W. Bush played baseball for the Yale Bulldogs way back when and even helped the team reach the first two College World Series. The future head of the C.I.A. was lucky enough to be standing on the mound the day that retired Yankee slugger George Herman "Babe" Ruth decided to donate his manuscript of his autobiography to the Yale library.

Notice how hunched over the Babe (with obligatory cigar) appears to be. He would die later that year. Meanwhile, George H.W. Bush is still skydiving at age 85, which truly shows how fruitful a life you can experience with healthy living and, of course, signing a low-risk, early deal with Satan that covers all of your soul's free agent years.

Go ahead, search the archives and see if you can come up with something more interesting.

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Immediately after the game, the two Georges headed over to Archibald MacLeish's loft, where they learned of Eastern massage and witnessed the invention of schnapps.

If eating competitions existed back then, Babe Ruth would have been the original two-sport athlete.

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