The Song of the Vermonters 1779 - Today's Afternoon Games

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Afternoon baseball has returned to its rightful place: Wednesday, y'all. Did you miss it as much as I did? Yes! Of course you did. So let's celebrate and bring back the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club. Break out the blazers, friends. Here's your menu for the day, note that all times are Eastern Daylight Time because that time zone eats other time zones for breakfast with a side of crispy hash browns.

  • Nationals at Marlins, 12:10PM: The Nats and the Fish play a super-early game on getaway day in the scorching Miami heat so they can both hop on a jet out of town off day tomorrow? Sure, makes sense. Josh Johnson's history against the Nationals has been rife with success, going 4-0 with a 3.68 ERA in six career starts.

  • Rays at Blue Jays, 1:07PM: Ahhhh you can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, but just don't call the Toronto offense worsening until they're in the bottom half in the AL in scoring. Which, if they continue to muster just one run per game, they'll reach within a week. James Shields is 4-2 lifetime against Ontario. Oh, and Happy Canada Day to Drew, go.jays.go, and even you, eyebleaf.

  • Red Sox at Orioles, 1:35PM: Josh Beckett totes his sixteen-inning scoreless streak (which came in two starts against the hapless Braves) into Camden Yards, mere hours after the Baltymore bats exploded on fire and incinerated the Boston bullpen. Something's gotta give,

  • Mets at Brewers, 2:05PM: I am going to resume my live-glogging duties and do my best to entertain you, as the Brew Crew looks to sweep the sad Mets out on their oft-injured rear ends. Milwaukee ace Yovani Gallardo, like a spicy mustard, is hot hot hot and looking to win his ninth game on the year.

  • Twins at Royals, 2:10PM: Minnesoter looks to country star Glen Perkins to take this rubber match while Kansas City sends Gil Meche out to toe the rubber. There are allegedly many drunk Twinkies fans out in Kauffman Stadium, possibly because folks in Minnesota have nothing better to do than load up the RV and tool down I-35 to Missouri.

  • Rockies at Dodgers, 3:10PM: Joe Torre's boys might finally be missing Manny Ramirez, having lost five of their past seven games and suffering the indignity of being shut out by Jason freaking Marquis in yesterday's loss. ManRam's suspension expires on Friday, so look for a rejuvenated and enthusiastic Manny to return to the lineup on Friday night.

  • Tigers at Athletics, 3:35PM: Justin Verlander is Superman at home and no good on the road. Still, the Coliseum is pretty much a pitcher's park, and Justin Verlander being a pitcher and all, I'm ready to give him the advantage over a light-hitting A's team. Tilde update: Magglio Ordonez has started three games in a row and seven of the last eight. You'll get your pieces of eight, Boras. Now cram it.

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Rob, I will be in meetings at 2:05; please do not mistake my absence as a statement of your relative lack of saucy sexual heat, as compared to Sooze.

Good. I knew you liked the fact I was wearing the blazer, and nothing but the blazer.

Just in case you guys were wondering which I am sure you were. I am not any of these guys

Nick Mathewson
Brendan McGabbon
Thrill Shakken
Sam Lehman

Today is my last day at work. Methinks I may be able to squeeze in some participation later today. If not, I will be available next time.

Jesus, the list of unemployed WoWies is growing far too fast.

No offense to Josh Johnson, but I'm 2-1 with a 4.01 ERA against the Nationals myself.

No, this is by choice. I'm in the process of getting a teaching certificate and my next round of classes are only offered during the day. So I can't keep my current job.

Then good luck to you, sir, and may your schooldays be filled with WoW.

Thanks. All my students will be required to comment here 3 times a week.

@Farthammer, plus it's more time for you to make and eat cakies.

Then good luck to you, sir, and may your schooldays be filled with WoW

Umm, I think that's what got Opie and Anthony in trouble one time, was getting schoolkids to WoW. Fartie, never take career advice from Rob.

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