The Sussex Skyhawks Mascot Had Naughty Things on His Computer

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The only thing more disturbing than a furry mascot is a furry mascot with naughty, illegal pictures on his computer. Scooter, the Sussex Skyhawks mascot, learned this the hard way:

A 22-year-old who suits up as the Scooter mascot at Sussex Skyhawks games was arrested for allegedly making computer files of child pornography available to other people.

Patrick A. Davenport, of Vernon, is charged with distribution of child pornography, a second-degree crime, and possession of child porn, a fourth-degree crime.

If he posts bail, Davenport is not permitted to use a computer and must have no unsupervised contact with children under age 16.

"My job is as a mascot for the Skyhawks," Davenport told the judge. "I would assume I'd have to stop mascoting, correct?"

Yes, genius. You would have to stop mascoting. Also, you'd have to stop lurking at elementary schools and going to Pittsburgh with Kevin Burkhardt.

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Not surprising, furries and pederasts go together like peanut butter and jelly.

He is also not allowed to go to Pittsburgh with Will Leitch.

"I would assume I'd have to stop mascoting, correct?"

I hope he also stops breathing.

But, what does Matt Sussman have to say about this?

he was a brother to me and a coach. he went to school with my oldest brother and he helped me become the athlete i am today. i learned shot put with him,he pushed me to do the 200meter race when i thought i couldn't, wen i was injured badly he helped me at the track meet,and he was the best coach i ever had! and all the mean and hurtful things u say about him are the reason y im going to cry to myself to sleep tonight!

and we had many memories with him. for ex. my guy friend tackled him and he fought back and at the end of the year we put the video of it happening and laughed as the title bird vs. man:bird wins!

he was the best coach ever! he helped me develop to the young athlete i am today. he pushed me to do the 200meter race when i thought i couldn't do it.and sure he had to get a little close to me to show me how to improve on my form and he was the 1 who showed me how to throw properly.i got hurt at a track meet and he was the one how helped me, and no one bothered to help him. As he was helping me he had to carry me from the shot put pit to the top of the away bleachers,i was unable to walk and he of all ppl ,apparently a child rapist now, helped me.when my mom couldn't come home in time to take me home from our first track meet he drove me home and i talked w/him and nothing was wrong with him,we talked about many things like my performance at that meet and gymnastics. he was the best! and all the nasty comments you post about him are what i am going to cry myself to sleep with bc he was like a big brother to me

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