The Upcoming Trade Deadline Date Portends Irritation, Fun

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The Twitterverse and baseballblogosphere are abuzz with trade rumours and frankly, I can't stand it. To wit: the endless Roy Halladay trade speculation is dragging on with enough sturm und drang to disappoint an entire province, but frankly, I don't want to hear word one about it until something really happens. Actually, I've said all month long that there is no way J.P. Ricciardi trades Halladay this year and now that J.P. has come out to say the trade is "probably unlikely", I almost want to change my song. I don't believe anything you say, J.P., any more or any less than I believe the other general managers, agents, or magic elves who report on the sport.

You see, every rumour that gets floated by mouthpieces like Jon Heyman makes me think twice about what the underlying truth is. For every trade that goes through, there are dozens of false soundbites meant to draw pageviews or improve one's standing in the speculative world of trade deadline news. I can't possibly be more irritated by sports talk radio callers who suggest wildly one-sided trades and I'm even ticked off at bloviated beat writers who print these crazy trade ideas just with the intention of ridiculing them.

For that reason, we try not to post rumours or speculation on Walkoff Walk and instead save our excitement, alliterations, and animated GIFs for when the deals actually go down. We hope that you'll stick around here through the deadline, Friday the 31st, just in case any of these so-called trades actually get consummated because it's so much more fun to discuss a trade after it happens. Especially one that we never saw coming. Get ready for the wholphin, folks.

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Rob, your word choices are getting more and more Canadian.

I am assuming that's an insult

The next time somebody spells it "Rumours" on this site it had better be because somebody's posting a YouTube of The Chain.

This is AMERICA DAMMIT. You're going to alienate Chipper!

Even funnier are the various Philly and Blue Jay twitterers responding to Heyman.

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