Tonight's All Star Game Questions

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  • ARE you prepared for four hours of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver tonight? Keep praying all you want for a tidy game because it ain't gonna happen.

  • WHICH starting player will stay in the game the longest? I've got my money on Hanley Ramirez; nobody wants to see Miguel Tejada coming in and spoiling the good feelings.

  • WILL Tim Wakefield make an appearance tonight, and if so, can Joe Mauer handle his knucklers?

  • WHY is Jayson Werth so smitten with Uncle Cholly?

  • WHAT kind of beer goes best with All Star Game watching? I'm thinking Bud Light in honor of the Busch fambly but feel free to correct me with esoteric choices.

That'll do it for a short day at WoW today. Come back later tonight as our buddy Dan McQuade is set to liveglog the game with colorful screencaps and hilarious commentary. Also, if you want a more immersive experience with audio and whatnot, head over to Pyle of List to hear some chuckleheads chit-chat about the game via telephone, myself included.

See you back here tomorrow for game wrap-ups and reactions. Same WoW channel.

(Busch Stadium Panorama courtesy of Flickr user Kevin Ward)

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Especially bc's nuts

Whoa, Rob undermining the content of his own blog.

The mind gloggles.

I'd go with with one of the Michelob beers in honor of St. Louis.

Busch Light in honor of St. Louis and diarrhea

As a town with a proud brewing tradition, there are a number of smaller brewery products that are delicious, if you can get your hands on them. I suggest the Schlafly Pale Ale or O'Fallon Gold.

The one time I was in Busch Stadium, I was tempted to wander up to a concession stand and ask for Coors. I decided against it because I valued my ticket more than a dumb macro-brew joke.

Even worse than kicking you out they could have actually given you a Coors.

Victory Prima Pils is a good go-to baseball beer. And the name of the brewery jibes nicely with what MLB decided the players should want to do so Bud Selig doesn't have to make a decision ever again.

I know! I didn't want to risk either outcome.

Rob's thinking Bud Light because it's the Official Beer of Guido Beach.

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