Tonight's Mark Buehrle Perfect Game Questions

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Sometimes you eat the T-Rex and sometimes, well, the T-Rex eats you

Wow, just wow. I hope you had a chance to watch the end of that game. Simply amazing. I have chills, and my office is currently 78 degrees, so that really was something special.

Come back tomorrow for reactions and creampuffs and videos and whatever else. Wow! Same WoW channel!

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I want the Wise video

Today was a pheeeeenomenal day to have a tv in your office.

(So I could watch Judge Judy, natch)

Thank you MDT

Obama called Buehrle to let him know that he needed to share his perfect nine innings with the other four members of the rotation.


Who is John Galt?

My favorite part of the Buehrle's perfecto is that Pierzynski had no role in it.

It only would have been better if Ozzie Guillen died of a heart atack from the excitement and his corpse smothered Pierzinski.

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