Tonight's Questions

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  • WHY did that hilariously oversized monument magnet pick up non-All Stars like David Ortiz and Ryan Theriot and drag their asses all the way to St. Lou? Did they have a hankering for frozen custard?

  • WILL Kevin Millwood make up for his All Star Game snub and prove his worth against fellow snubbee Jered Weaver? It's a battle for first in the AL West, y'all.

  • WHICH eight-lettered fella will come out on top when Matt Cain leads the Giants against Sean West and the Marlins?

  • WHO is Tony Plush?

  • CAN you clear out your calendar at 10PM tonight to listen to our live Furious Five Radio Show podcast thingamajig? Tonight's very special guest is noted Reds fan PUNTE aka Monday Morning Punter from KSK and With Leather. His gentleman's name is Panda Boy.

That's it for today. Come listen to my squeaky voice tonight at 10 and we'll see you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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Who will win the Weaver-Millwood match up?

Somehow, Time Wakefield.

Whose hand is holding the Arch-Magnet? Selig's? God's? Pappy's???

njpanick, it's Mark Twain.

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