Tonight's Questions

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Dear reader, please do me a favor and go home tonight and watch some baseball on television. If you don't have a television, read a good baseball book. If you can't read, go outside and have a catch with some neighborhood kids. Nothing else going on today/tonight worthy of your attention. Until tomorrow, same WoW channel.

(Vancouver Canadians Smart Car on Flickr)

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Francoeur should be a bench player on the Gwinnett Braves

David O'Brien
July 7th, 2009
4:33 pm
THIS JUST IN: Dempster to DL with a fractured toe, Zambrano will START TONIGHT.


Nate Silver doubles up after first day of World Series of Poker; PECOTA comparables upgraded to Jason Alexander, "Worm" Murphy.

Sign me up for that smart car. I've always wanted a vehicle that runs on poutine.

I simply do not understand the appeal of the Smart car. The mpg is about half of what it should be to justify the price/size/safety/performance calculus you resign yourself to when you drive one of these things.

I can understand where Gorge is coming from. But, speaking as a person who has driven minivans and pickup trucks since he got his license (read: drummer)... WANT SMALL CAR

This just in: mets fans equally as sanctimonious as the rest of baseball re: Manny.

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