Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, get it while the gettin's good

  • WILL Joe Mauer even sniff .400 for the rest of the season? He's finally eligible for the batting crown, but he's got a better chance of growing 24 karat gold sideburns than hitting .400.

  • HOW many tater tots will Andruw clobber tonight? I'm guessing "none, none homers" since it's King Felix day.

  • WHY are the Nats and 'Stros even bothering to resume their rain-suspended 10-10 game? What's that, the Astros are one game under .500 and just three games back? Stinkeroo, NL Central. Stinkeroo.

  • ARE the lights back on at the Trop yet?

  • WHO had the weirdest pre-game ritual of all time? Clint Barmes eating a Subway (yecch) sandwich before every game or Bob Apodaca dropping acid and murdering a vagrant between games of every Mets doubleheader back in the 1960s?

Sorry again about the impromptu day off yesterday. I won't even begin to make excuses, so thank you for coming back today and welcoming me back into your baseball lives. Tomorrow is Friday, which means all your favorites like Creampuff and Classic TV and another YouTube video because we're lazy.

Then, after the weekend, come back on Monday night for a Very Special Home Run Derby Liveglog. Last year's Derbyglog was one of my favorite nights of the entire baseball season despite the fact that Justin Morneau sullied the House that Ruth Built with his ill-gotten tater tot victory. But having the best commenters in the baseballblogosphere can make any night memorable. Join us, please!

Until then, same WoW channel.

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You Heisters have fun this weekend. I'll be in Chicago, avoiding falling concrete.

I guess today's fucking Thursday. Dammit.

I'm out also until Monday, have fun in Philly. Have a cheese steak for me, I'll be getting drunk at a graduation party.

The Colonel, it's Friday for me.

Every day is Friday for me.
Except Sunday.

I gave up my Heist ducat today with much regret. However if anyone is in NYC this weekend they should join me at Radio City to watch the UFC 100 on a 70' hi-def screen.

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