Tonight's Questions

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  • WILL our vegetarian pal Prince Fielder do better in tonight's Home Run Derby than the last time he participated back in 2007? Fella changed pitchers, so maybe, yes, possibly, indeed.

  • CAN mid-range market American Leaguers Brandon Inge and Nelson Cruz earn some name-recognition tonight by vaulting into the finals of the Derby?

  • COULD Joe Mauer's sideburns clobber any home runs if they were removed from his face and included as the ninth and tenth participants?

  • HOW many times will the Cover It Live application crash and render our liveglog impotent?

You know the drill, peoples. Be here at 8PM on the dot for what I hope will be an excellent collaborative Home Run Derby liveglog. Bring your knowledge of St. Louis suburbs (all the way to Mattoon!) because we'll be launching a metric ton of antagonism in Chris Berman's direction. Back back back back same WoW channel!

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That's where I'm going to get my tattoo, I think.

That's Japanese for "Please put soy cheese on my seitan burger".

Turn your head to the left. I'm pretty sure that's a Japanese emoticon.

I will likely be locked away during the participatory liveglog, missing another watershed WoW event. Dammit.

So... will my participation in this evening's tater tot extraveganza jinx man muscles' derby chances?

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