Tonight's Questions

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  • WHICH fantastic anecdote is everybody's awesome grandpa telling President Obama? The one where Leo Durocher rode a tricycle with a bra on his head or the one where Juan Marichal staged a cockfight in the clubhouse?

  • WHAT are you going to do tonight with no MLB action on the docket, read a book, go outside and play, or watch the Triple-A All Star Game on ESPN2?

  • HOW close did the ass-backwards BBWAA come to making a historically stupid decision? (Hint: three members, that's how close)

  • WHAT hat size will Pedro Martinez need with that fat afro on his noggin?

Thank you for enduring a day chockful of All Star Game posts and hot Barack Obama action. We'll return you to your regular season baseball programming tomorrow, same WoW channel. You too, Willie Mays.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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If you've got $3 to spend and an iPhone, I strongly recommend the Baseball Slugger game on there. Scads more entertaining than the actual Derby this year. It will obliterate your productivity.

Ken Davidoff actually writes, "As voters, we need to take the emotion out of the decision. To treat illegal PEDs with the same intellectual approach as any other matter pertinent to a player's candidacy." Is he even ALLOWED to say that? Will he lose he BBWAA membership?

Of course, should that really be the point of a column? "We should consider the facts and be rational and think about it!" should be a standard for baseball journalists.

Ha ha, remember when Skip Bayless essentially wrote that steroids were worse than Hurricane Katrina?

Skip Bayless is worse than Hurricane Katrina.

Under More Stress: Katrina victims, or Skip Bayless' forehead skin?

He's telling the one about the time he found a 10 year old kid named Don DeLillo camped out in his bushes.

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