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Baseball is back, baby! Watch it tonight, especially if you're a National League fan because there are only two American League games on the schedule. What's the deal, Bud?

See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

(video via WFMU's Beware of the Blog)

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WHAT sort of reception will new Met Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur receive tonight

If I was there, I would be booing mercilessly, but I'm sure all the rubes who are upset that a 'local boy dun gud' would get traded will give him a standing O.

I was hoping the entire crowd would re-enact that salsa commercial.


A cheer for Frenchy is a cheer for the Mets hilariawful management.

Last year when Andruw came back with the Dodgers, I booed, and Andruw hit a tater (one of 2 or 3 total on the year) and this old dude in front of me turned around and said see what you did?

I was sitting in the upper deck.

You know what? If I was there, I would cheer for Frenchy. Why? Because The Colonel is right - a cheer for Frenchy is, indeed, a cheer for the Mets' hilariawful management. And we, as baseball fans, need to let the Mets know that their hilariawful management is highly entertaining!

I boo him because of his comments last year when he got sent down and when he was benched before he was traded. He still thought he was a superstar.

Its sad though, I really did think he was going to be the next dale murphy.

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