Tonight's Questions

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Today went fast. Glad to have you as a visitor/reader/commenter/secret lover. Come back tomorrow and we'll do it all over again. Same WoW channel.

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Did someone say Secret Lovers?

Someday we'll find it
The Bucco connection
The Doumits, LaRoches,
and me

FOUR runs against King Felix. Tonight's lineup has Clete Thomas hitting cleanup! How could that not produce?

WHY is ESPN putting this crap-ass E! style Sports Nation show in the 5 o'clock slot
WHAT can I do about it that doesn't involve gasoline, Beam, and one of those great BBQ lighters?

Nothing worthwhile is done without Beam.

Also, looks like Boston got rid of their Lugo problem in favor of a Duncan problem.

Look out, ladies of St. Louis.

Catshirt will be so sad!

I'm willing to send a truckload of lobster and HAAH-POON to sweeten the deal

No need to sweeten the deal. Boston is paying the majority of Lugo's salary.

take a warning, E6 - coming to a field near you!

There is nothing secret about my love. It announces itself with painful urination and open sores.


How do you live like this Mets fans

If happy little bluebirds fly then why oh why can't Ryyyy-an Doumit?

King Felix is made of magic, and only magic.

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