Trade Deadline Day Update!

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wow.goodbye.png Any trades get made yet today? Let's take a look:

• The Mariners traded Jarrod Washburn to the Tigers for a pair of lefthanded pitchers. Seattle, eight games back in the AL West, gets Luke French (a 133 ERA+ in five starts with the Tigers this year) and Mauricio Robles (who will report to a Mariners' Class-A affiliate).

• The Twins got Orlando Cabrera from the Athletics, he of the .683 OPS. (Jimmy Rollins' OPS is .670, for reference). The A's get Tyler Ladendorf, an infield prospect. Meanwhile in Minnesota, a Hells Angel was arrested for DUI! You just don't expect such behavior from them.

• The Indians continue their 2009 sell-off, as a "Tweet" from USA Today writer Bob Nightengale has Victor Martinez going to the Red Sox. has a near minute-by-minute history of today's rumors.

• And, in the most important trade of the day, the Dodgers get Vinny Rottino from Milwaukee for Claudio Vargas. Look out, National League!

I will update this post as additional trades get made, just like every other baseball blog is doing today.

Update: Or I might not. It depends.

Update 2: Awwright, fine, here you go, commenting crew.



Update 3: Jonathan Mayo writes on his Twitter that Nick Hagadone and Justin Masterson are part of the V-Mart deal with the Indians. In related news, I am in a Rotisserie league with Jonathan Mayo. I traded for Evan Longoria from a team he runs with a co-owner this year. Who will make out better: Me... or the Indians?!

Update 4: Tomorrow is Victor Martinez Bobblehead Day in Cleveland. Ha!

Update 5: MLB Network reports Ken Rosenthal reports the Dodgers are working out a "blockbuster" trade with the Padres with Loney going to San Diego and Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez going to the Dodgers. And now I'm reporting this.

Update 6: This note from the Texas Rangers' Twitter:


You don't say.

Update 7: Toronto has acquired right-hander Sean Smith from Pittsburgh (or, rather, the Altoona Curve).

Update 8: "Should we give a crap about that Toronto move for Sean Smith?" No.

Update 9: MLBTRADERUMOROVERLOAD!!!111 Hold on, I'm searching for modafinil so I can keep up.

Update 10: Oh, yeah: Looks like Adam LaRoche is headed to the Braves and Jerry Hairston Jr. is headed to the Yankees.

Update 11: Jon Heyman reports Scott Rolen is headed to the Reds if he agrees to it. That reminds me of this column from Mike Downey of the Trib last year last year after the Chisox acquired Griffey.

Update 12: Poor Washington Nationals.


MLB Network won't even report the minor leaguers they got back in the Beimel deal.

Update 13: LaRoche went to the Braves for Casey Kotchman, strangely enough. Everyone's speculating that the Red Sox are trying to move Kotchman now.

Update 14: Rolen is headed to the Reds for Edwin Encarnacion and a prospect. Yeah, I dunno.

Update 15: It's 4 o'clock! No more trades! Unless we hear of some afterward!

Update 16: The Marlins got Nick Johnson. Watch out, Phillies!

Update 17: OMG, WHAT? MLB Network says Jake Peavy just went to the White Sox for some minor leaguers.

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I was promised the Wholphin.

I'm with matt_T. did rob take the wholphin on vacation with him?



Well, that was easy.
dmac, could you pick me up a sandwich? I'm getting hungry.

thanks, dmac.

Ah, much better.


Are the Padres really that dumb? *Checks Padres roster and record*

Ok, they are.

Oh good, glad the Braves play the Dodgers 7 times in the next 10 days.

And now Heyman says the Red Sox are shopping LaRoche to Atlanta. Bring him back!

I am having a miserable time with a hangover today (seriously, I've been up for 9 hours, enough already), and watching that Wholpin whirl and whirl makes it much worse.

NJ, put one foot on the ground while you watch.

@nj, start drinking again. that should help the hangover.

Guinness is a good hangover cure.

How about I put one foot on the ground while I start drinking.

I've tried every remedy out there - greasy breakfast, coffee, vitamin water, and Aleve, but the Ghost of Budweisers Past is still rattling the chains.

Maybe I shouldn't drink Budweiser. From a can.


Yanks got Jerry Hairston JR.

And Laroche back to Atlanta.

Seriously though, hangovers are mainly caused by dehydration. Drink as much water as you can and take advil.

Kotchman for Laroche

Welcome back Adam, you add'd mother fucker

Should we give a crap about that Toronto move for Sean Smith? Also, MLBTR's server is having a minor meltdown right now.

Fartie- no joke, I've gone through four 32-oz bottles of water so far today. Any more and I think I win a Wii.

I also read Biemel is going to the Rockies

That will help. If you're really hungover, you won't even start pissing until the 3rd or 4th one, because all the liquid is being re-absorbed into your huge hands. KEEP DRINKING.

The shameful part is that I didn't drink very much last night. My efforts at the Heist were far worse, and I felt like a gem the next day. I'm really impressed at this hangover's staying power, more than anything.

The Rockies still have six games left against the Dodgers this year, so if they do indeed acquire Beimel, Troy from W Va might explode.

Did you know researchers find it hard to get funding for research on hangovers because people feel like they're just deserts for people who drink the night before?

Yeah, I hate people.

Who do we have to lobby to get MLBTR to switch their clocks to Eastern Time? Central Time is for jerks and farmers, and I don't see any farmers in Chicago.

Per Heyman Rolen to Reds provided Rolen waives no trade clause

Goddammit, my Joe Beimel Bobble is now TWO teams obsolete. Anybody have some hobby paint?

/gets hobby paint
/sniffs hobby paint

Enter Emo the Barber.

Like Hairston, but would love Patterson.

Scott Rolen is a Redleg.

Am I drunk or are the Reds out of contention? Can someone explain what the hell is going on? Rolen's old team is just as far out of the wild card as his new one (10.5 games).

I'm glad the Giants got their blockbuster trades done early and avoided all this last-minute malarkey.

When you can snatch up Freddy Sanchez, you don't sit idly by.

those are the same people that don't allow me to buy booze on Sundays.


MLBRangers will follow you for a nickel. Every little bit helps the Hicks! *rattles tin can*

I heard the Nationals are trying to move Nick Johnson back to the Yankees in exchange for the Trenton Thunder's intern. She would automatically become the most productive member of the organization.

5 minutes to go. If we could embed images, I'd put that clock from the Watchmen in the comments

The Kotchman/LaRoche and Rolen/Encarnacion deals make no sense to me. It's as if there are General Managers out there who want to make moves for the sake of making moves. Nahhhhhhh.

The minor leaguers' names from the Biemel deal will be randomly generated when the league rolls over to the next year of franchise mode.

Rob Dibble: "Wow, look at the arm [NUM-BER EIGHTY-TWO] has out there today!"

And then the game freezes.

Anybody have any suggestions for what I should swallow if the Pads move Gonzo and Bell to LA? I'm thinking a porcupine with swine flu, that's on fire.


njpanick: There's a chance with any deadline deal that the guys you traded amount to nothing and the guys you got pitch scoreless ball for two months, tear the cover off the ball, or hit a big homer in the postseason. I guess that chance is big enough that GMs just go out and do whatever on July 31.

@MDT: Yeah, nice job. I haven't played a baseball game since MVP NCAA Baseball 2006 for Xbox 1, though.

That's all well and good (see: Joe Blanton '08, Kyle Lohse '07), but this is Adam LaRoche and Casey Kotchman we're dealing with here. AND THE REDS(!).

njpanick: Yeah, good point. I dunno, maybe MLB Trade Deadline Day is also Front Office Drop Acid Day.

I don't really get the kotch/laroche swap either. LaRoche hits for more power, Kotch has better d/avg/cheaper. But LaRoche is a FA after the year so it saves Atlanta money, and they have a 1b who is a year or two away.

Nick Johnson may get rusty in the Florida humidity. That is not a metaphor. He may need mineral oil for his joints.

Bill Shanks said that the Braves would have considered non-tendering Kotchman in the off season. Not a happy camper in the clubhouse

That's from the ajc comments, who knows of its true, but that could be a motivation.

And LaRoche and Chipper are hunting buddies (seriously)

Fuck everything.

Hide everything sharp.

This reminds me: somebody should really go over to LtB's house and take the shoelaces out of his shoes.

Uh-oh, I'm a minute too late.

Do they even allow rope or sharp things in Canada? I don't think they do.

Don't go Gatti, Drew.

And by that I mean don't marry a 23-year-old who strangles you and then frames it as a suicide.

My safety pencil and circle of paper will have to do.

Jake Peavy to ChiSox take two?

Have we confirmed that Kotchman is actually reporting to Boston's major league team? Where the hell are they going to put him?

Don't go Davis, Drew.

And by that I mean don't hit a few homeruns and strikeout 150 times in 3 months then get demoted while starting for my shitty fantasy team.

The Rod Sox are going with a 3 man pen (Papelbon, Bard, & Okajima) a 8 man rotation and 14 position players. THEO SEES ALL DA ANGLES

That Rolen deal should be titled, "Matt Morris 2: Electric DustyLoo"

"Heyman" is now a officially a perfectly acceptable substitute for "horseshit."

"Aww, c'mon, blue, that's a Heyman call and you know it."

I think the Indians got some magic beans or shrooms or something for Victor Martinez.

Plus LaRoche's glove is below average, whereas CK's is above average. I thought Hotlanta had given up on high-K/moderate power/no glove guys when they traded away Frenchie.

I'm glad my insightful reply to matt_t posted 26 minutes after I clicked "submit." It was still totally relevant by then.

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