Walkoff Beach Week Questions

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  • WHAT massive yet under-the-radar trade has yet to be consummated?

  • WILL anyone ever get prosecuted for leaking all these names?

  • WHEN the dust settles, can we all get psyched for some real baseball action? Cubs-Marlins, Mariners-Rangers, Phillies-Giants...this weekend will be a good one.

By this time tomorrow, I'll be sunning my doughy self on the Jersey Shore and thinking fondly of the WoWies I left behind. But fret not! Dan McQuade will be filling in tomorrow and all next week with his signature brand of hilarity and puppies. Our own Drew will be around, too, with his next installment of Kicking and Screaming. So really, I am leaving you in far better hands than my own.

See you all in ten days. Same WoW channel.

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Rob, enjoy Guido Beach. Drink plenty of Bud Light and don't forget to apply lots of olive oil to achieve swarthy Italian look.

As usual, stay away from Sleaside.

MDT, solid advice.

The Mets have a five game winning streak. Mets 7, Rockies 0. Game lasted just over two hours.

TEN DAYS??? Be sure to follow UU's advice, lest you find yourself being savagely attacked by Guido Beach Jen.

I'm going float tripping this weekend. It's sort of the Midwestern equivalent of the beach.

Don't forget to watch the George Brett Auto Tune video tonight when you get home. It might be the best thing ever posted at WoW.

I'll be at the beach next week. However I will be in New England. The only thing worse than sea gulls at the beach will be all the Red Sox fans out there.

Enjoy the beach, Rob. I'll be in OCMD, trading overly gelled paisans in wife beaters for rednecks... in wife beaters.

Ed Wade might want to reconsider that dream. It's already 2-1 Cubs and they're still threatening in the bottom of the 2nd.

The sad thing about Ed Wade: he'll never improve the team if he thinks the current one can compete.

Check that - it's now 4-1 Cubs with a dude on third.

Flyout ends the threat, stranding the aforementioned dude on third. 4-1 Cubs after two innings.

Its a cycle of mediocrity. At least the pirates have some sort of plan. Ed will just keep spinning his wheels

One inning later: 9-3 Cubs, Astros' starting pitcher is out of the game.

You knew this was coming.
David Ortiz gets played off by keyboard cat


Probably done by some Yankees fan who needed to... uh... "relieve himself" a few times while he was making it.


Hey fartie,


unfortunately, i dont think they are joking

Because if there's one thing northeast sports fans are known for, it's their subtle sense of irony

To be fair, that pic of Ortiz is fucking ridiculous.

thanks matt_T.
If I had any media skills, I'd put Conseco's head on keyboard cat and call it Conseco cat.

Those NASCAR drivers were only applauding Cheney because conditions in Afghanistan have dramatically increased the supply of black tar heroin available on race days.

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