Walkoff Walk Wants YOU To Liveglog the Home Run Derby

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Our first ever primetime liveglog was the 2008 Home Run Derby and it ended up being one of the quintessential moments in Walkoff Walk history, just behind the time Catshirt interviewed Chipper freakin Jones.

So to keep the good glogs going, please join us tonight at 8PM EDT as we try to make this year's derby glog even better. We're going to use the Cover It Live app to allow everyone to comment's to show up in the glog. We've even gone ahead and invited some of the best and brightest from around the web to come by and do their darndest to keep up with the WoW commenters.

Your participants tonight:

National LeagueAmerican League
Albert PujolsBrandon Inge
Ryan HowardJoe Mauer
Prince FielderCarlos Pena
Adrian GonzalezNelson Cruz

Yikes, the AL is pretty lucky that it's an individual home run hitting contest and not a team event, because they'd get crushed. I realize that Brandon Inge is among the home run leaders this year but when I think of "Brandon Inge" I dont think of "clobbering tater tots".

So come back here at 8PM to watch "Brandon Inge" prove me "completely wrong".

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I hope Pujols doesn't ruin his swing.

HAHA That's a good one.

/please don't snap, elbow tendon.

I've got a work dinner, but should be here by nine. Think if I call Selig, he'll move it back? 50/50 shot, right?

You'll only miss one batter and 400 'backs'

So what's the over/under on 'backs' tonight?

I'll be watching with the sound off.

But then you'll miss learning about the St. Louis metropolitan area thanks to Mr. "This One's Headed For (suburb)!"

I've heard that if somebody hits their sign tonight with a home run, State Farm will lower Tony La Russa's auto insurance premium by $5K.

@Ed, and let's not forget about all of those wacky Berman nicknames. On second thought let's forget them.

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