Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: I'm Not Feeling So Well

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So I am going to go home and rest. If I get sick before my big beach vacation next week, I'm blaming J.P. Ricciardi. Chat up the afternoon action here, and ask yourselves some interesting "Tonight's Questions".

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WHY is Rob's SuperHerpes flaring up at the most inopportune time?


That's it, Rob--save your strength for impending and various oceanfront Jamookery and leave us to rot.

Get well soon.

Astros fans should be happy they are shitting the bed before the deadline.

Its better for them long run. Of course Wade will probably make a stupid trade anyways

HOW many fist pumps will Joba perform tonight?

Rob Iracane, Walkoff Walk: Sick that the Yankees haven't made enough of a splash at the trading deadline.

Gorge, good points. You need to be at full strength when going to Guido Beach.

Rob, you'll feel better when the Yankees beat the Rays tonight.

What's up, zeppoli?

WHAT do Rob and JP Ricciardi have in common? They're both feeling queasy after not getting what they wanted today. For Ricciardi, it was Phillies prospects. For Rob, it was that Nicoise Salad with Seared Tuna. You shouldn't have settled for a Domino's Pasta Bowl, Rob.

I bet a lot of things can be blamed on J.P Riccardi if you try hard enough. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if deranged Torontonians blamed him for the Leafs missing the playoffs...

I can scarcely imagine a less surprising development than SF going hard after Freddy Sanchez. THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT, GIANTS.

Attn SF Giants: Marco Scutaro for Buster Posey - Straight up. I'm just trying to save you from yourselves.

Thank you all for your well-wishes. I can tell how ready folks were to participate in livegloggery today and regret not being able to provide the arena.

Rob, this isn't the first time we've had to deal with crushing disappointment this summer. We can deal with it.

Also, today's Duke-Cain matchup might be the best game this year that absolutely nobody gives a shit about.

You just broke phillas' heart.

LtB, those kinds of rumors will win you no friends.

Allow me to subtly retract my statement. If the season ended today, the Giants would win the wild card and they'd play the Phillies in the first round. Phillas, I CARE. I CAAAAAARE.

The Giants aren't going to make the playoffs unless they get some bats. Ryan Garko and Freddy Sanchez don't count (do they?).

Giants get their man: Sanchez to SF, Pirates get a highly-regarded AA pitching prospect.

The Giants fan I follow are not too pleased about losing that prospect. He was a highly regarded guy

Pittsburgh gets a prime prospect, and dumps salary. Nice deal for them.

It's tough to lose Alderson but the Gints have so much depth at SP, both in the majors and all levels of the minors, that it's hard to decry that trade.

THAT SAID the Giants still stink on offense. Need a real Adam Dunn-esque bat, preferably Adam Dunn.

Big LOLs at Brad Penny. Maybe the Red Sox really WILL trade for Roy Halladaisy.

Someone bid on Scutaro! Otherwise he'll be a Type A that isn't worth losing a pick for signing.

Oh and Theo: Bard plz!

Woooo! Pujols, baby! Fuck the Dodgers in their Chavez Ravine! Woooo!

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