Weekend Citizens Bank Heist Question

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Yep, that's all that matters this weekend. Tomorrow night's Pirates-Phillies game will feature forty of the best and brightest baseball fans descending on section 202 at Citizens Bank Park to enjoy some Cole Hamels action and put down a few adult beverages. Wish you could join us, folks from the West Coast, Flyover States and Northern Climes, but I will do my best to populate my Twitter feed with pictures of Catshirt partying down. There's even a #HEIST hashtag.

Also: there are actually two tickets available. First email, first serve.

So enjoy Drew LTB Fairservice this weekend in our absence, and come back around this joint on Monday for a very special announcement regarding the All Star Home Run Derby (hint: we're liveglogging it). Same WoW channel.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user sarowen)

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FYI, from 10am to 4pm tomorrow, there's a sale on discontinued Flyers/Sixers/Phillies merchandise at the Spectrum. 70-90% off.

Chris Coste has been released by the Phillies, only to be scooped up moments later by Ed Wade and the Houston Were-Phils.

I originally learned this information via dmac's tumblr, "where Philadelphia gets it's news". And puppy pics.

WHICH WoWie will wake with wildabeast?

Might as well post this here, too: Chris Coste claimed off waivers by Houston. He now rules Minute Maid Park! http://twitpic.com/9wzti


Needs more puppies.

DAMMIT! My homemade sign is for shit now.

And I thought Drew was going to the Heist? Too bad, he's the only funny one on the podcast.

Pujols' menu so far this afternoon: 2/2 with a triple, a tater, 2 runs, 2 ribs, and a free pass he got in the FIRST inning. Also I'm pretty sure Harden's head fell off looking at that gopher ball but I'm following the play-by-play online, not the feed, so I'm just going on my assumptions about Rich's fragile vertebrae.

Do you stop pitching to him when there's a runner on first? When the bases are loaded? Do you throw at his head as he's stepping off the team bus? Attempt to poison him surrepetitiously by lining his ballcap with boron?

WHO will be the first WoWie to throw their vegetarian cheesesteak at Lastings Milledge?

Have fun, everybody. I'll be at Wrigley trying to see around a pillar that is older than my grandfather.

Attempt to poison him surrepetitiously by lining his ballcap with boron?

That's the best comment I've read around here in quite a while, good work.

I was going to the heist but then I moved. The subsequent "to-do" list and poverty made it nearly impossible.


If you're going to throw a veggie chee at Thrilledge, make sure you throw it directly at his glove. Because if he's gotta make a play on it, it's not going to hit him.

Have fun, peoples. I'm playing a show tonight and wouldn't make it to Philly in time for tomorrow's game. Lemme know how bad the Pirates look - I'm going to PNC Park on my birthday next month.

Mets OF Ryan Church traded to Braves for OF Jeff Francouer.

Straight up.

Country mouse traded for city mouse.



Thank you Mets

FRENCHY THE MET! Let's get that (potential) train wreck a-rollin'!

Hi all. Today is my birfday (and Jessica Simpson)- I am about to go eat sushi and drink cold unfiltered sake. But the real reason I posted is to wish a happy birthday to the true champion of July 10th: The muthafuckin' Hawk, Andre Dawson. Recognize.

Have fun at the Heist tomorrow. If any of you sissies grow a pair and come to the Yay Area for a Heist, phillas and I will be there. I'll grill up some carne asada and roll up a honey blunt like I used to when I was cool and single.

Happy Berthday, Fartie.
I'll drink a 40 and cock-punch my neighbor in your honor.

I only accept King Cobra, OE, or something labeled "High Gravity".

Happy Birthday, Fartie. Have a Ballantine Ale on me.

I'm drunk already. Thanks everyone.

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