Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, she loves you yeah yeah yeah

  • CAN Atlanta put the finishing moves on the Phillies tonight and complete the sweep? Get your business in order, Uncle Cholly. The Mets are comin'.

  • WHAT is Barry Zito going to do when Albert Pujols steps to the plate tonight? Bert is 5-for-9 lifetime against Zito with two ding-dongs.

  • HOW boring are the milquetoast Houston Astros and the snoozy games they play?

  • REMEMBER Bruce Chen? He's back, in Royals form. The ChiSox are going to roll, y'all.

  • DO you have a television set? Does your television set receive the MLB Network? The nationally broadcast game of the night is the Cubs and Brewers at 8PM EDT.

  • WILL you come with me to Guido Beach this summer? Seriously, I think that motion picture was filmed in Wildwood during my prom weekend.

This ends your official broadcasting week, friends. Be back here tomorrow, though, for a Very Special Edition of What's Up Creampuff? with our best buddy Drew fka LTB. Otherwise, enjoy your American patriotic apple pie fireworks and baseball holiday weekend.

I'm headed to Philadelphia for the Mets/Phils tilt and to scout out the city for our big upcoming Citizens Bank Heist. Leave your own plans in the comment section so we can figure out the best way to stalk you. You too, jingoistic baby.

Until Monday, same WoW channel.

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If Atlanta wins tonight, it will be their first 4 game winning streak all year.


Since I screwed up the HTML the first time:

Congrats to Ed Berger, who made this site's 25,000th comment during Sooze's liveglog with that dreamy pic of Josh Beckett, like six weeks ago.

If it stops raining I'll be mowing my lawn this weekend. I'll also be drinking beer and watching the Yankees kick some Blue Jay ass.

have a safe weekend everyone, stay away from illegal fireworks and Guido beach.

I'm heading with the family to the Oregon coast tomorrow. Until then, it'll be repeated, nonstop viewings of Guido Beach.

I'm headed up to Phillipsburg, NJ for a BBQ on Saturday. When you pull into town, the sign reads:

"P-burg: New Jersey's slice of Kentucky"


"Phillipsburg: Really?"

"Phillipsburg: Even Easton, PA Laughs At Us"

@Gorge, what is Oregon's version of Guido beach?

UU, it's raining where you are? I just got out of the pool here in the Yay Area.

Also, I have a confession: I hate apple pie.

@UU, that's a tough one. The coast here is relatively undeveloped; even in actual towns, the beaches themselves are all public. The closest is probably Seaside, just because it has a boardwalk, all the crappy shops where you can buy "Big Johnson ______" t-shirts, and the most people from east of Portland, where there is a high concentration of tweakers and meatheads.

"Phillispburg: Come for the Mall, stay for the Laneco."

"Phillipsburg: Because you're already going to Lehigh."

"Phillipsburg: Now with 300% more NASCAR fans."

No joke, PBurg boasted a serious high school wrestling program. Permian : Friday Night Lights :: Phillipsburg : Tuesday Afternoon Ringworm

"Phillipsburg: Lose a limb to MSRA!"

Everyone should come to Toronto's guido beach aka Wasaga Beach, alternatively titled "Wopsaga Beeotch". Get your Civic chromed up son!

it has a boardwalk, all the crappy shops where you can buy "Big Johnson ______" t-shirts, and the most people from east of Portland, where there is a high concentration of tweakers and meatheads.

You just described Lake of the Ozarks.

The thing about Oregon is there are so many other places on the coast that are SO much better than Seaside--places that range from quaint to take-your-breath-away beautiful. But, for the sleeveless among us who simply cannot vacation without immediate proximity to bumper cars, Seaside is the shit. I'll never understand.

I'm 50-50 for the heist, may not know if I can make it til the day before.

I'm sorry I'm late to the Pburg party but I remember running there every year in high school for the yearly cross-county relays.

My lasting memory was my sophomore year when the relays were postponed 30 minutes because the school had been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

I wasn't sure how they could tell if a bomb went off or not.

I'm spending the weekend, for the first time in my four years here, staying in Our Nation's Capital. U-S-A! U-S-A! Fuck! The! Tourists I mean U-S-A!


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