Weekend Questions

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Wow, the weekend is upon us way faster than I had expected. Get out there and support your local nine this weekend, guys and gals. Or just stay in and watch the Braves-Mets on FOX tomorrow afternoon, the Twins-Rangers on MLB Net tomorrow night, the Yanks-Tigers on TBS on Sunday afternoon, or the Braves-Mets again on ESPN on Sunday evening. Thank you, television!

Or better yet, check out the free preview of MLB Extra Innings until Wednesday July 22nd. More baseball = more gooder.

Drew "LtB" Fairservice returns tomorrow with weekend goodies. See you Monday, same WoW channel.

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Greg Maddux is getting his number retired tonight before the game.

miss u every day Mad dog

Its Free Preview weekend? SO I CAN ACTUALLY WATCH ON THE TEEVEE?!?!

I love Kottke. Oh, and the best news about the free preview is that the Dodgers are at home, so everyone should get some free, hot, Vin Scully action this weekend.

"Thank you, thank you very much, now go beat the Mets, just like old times"

Greg ending his speech

Ahhhh, settled in and watching the Dodgers game with the great Vin Scully calling the action. BTW, Billingsley is getting his tits ripped, and he might not make it out of the first.

Watched Synecdoche, New York and am now settling in to enjoy the 12th inning of the Giants and Pirates game.

BTW, I thought that picture was going to be a light-hearted romp. MY GOD WAS I FUCKING WRONG.

That graphic looks like a diagram of the anatomy of the inner ear.

I was going to say "female reproductive system".

Uh oh, I've betrayed my unfamiliarity with ladyparts.

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