Weekend Questions

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  • WILL the White Sox continue to build on Buehrle's feat and topple the Tigers? Whoever wins this series gets control of the AL Central.

  • CAN Matt Holliday make it down I-95 in time to smack some tater tots at Citizens Bank Park? The fellow first-place Cardinals and Phillies throw down this weekend.

  • WHICH NL second place team will establish a better position in the Wild Card race when the Brewers and Braves tussle in Milwaukee?

  • OR does the winner of the Rockies-Giants series have the upper hand? Hey, playoff pressure is on and it's not even August yet.

I'd like to wrap up this week with a tidy bow, but I feel like something else is going to happen before we close up shop. Still, either the trade winds have just started blowing or that Matt Holliday deal was the dying bluster of a very boring deadline season. Every single contending team has needs. Every single rebuilding team still has chips to trade. You may not have seen the last of our animated wholphin.

No matter what, baseball will go on this weekend especially when we've got Rocco Baldelli's best buddy Drew "LtB" Fairservice on deck. If you have any requests for his fantastic and didactic Kicking and Screaming feature about Pitch F/x, drop him a line.

Until Monday, same WoW channel.

(Ballgame Tonite! courtesy of Flickr user Pete Zarria)

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Question for Pitch F/x feature: How powerless are human pitchers against the Cardinal line up now?

I will take your rain of boos as compliments.

A well-executed trade embiggens us all.

If you want to indulge yourself in some quality Americana, check out that dude's Flickr stream. Great photographs.

Jon Heyman seems to think the Halladay to Phils trade is coming today. Poor Drew.

If it was anyone but Heyman I'd be upset.


Rob, no kidding re that flickr stream. Outstanding stuff.

Oh it's also HOF induction weekend. Good work, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice.

Can anybody recommend a good bar or two in Lake Placid? We're going up there for the Ironman this weekend, and will be in town for two nights. Nothing says fun quite like a 6-hour drive followed by lots of standing around.

Oooh. What time does the induction air? The Rickey speech is Must-See TV


Never been to Lake Placid, but I can tell you that the official theme song of the 1980 Olympics was composed by Chuck Mangione. Hope that helps.

That said, avoid the Feels So Good Pub.

MDT: The Hall of Fame Induction News Conference will be Saturday 11:30am (Pacific time). Here it'll be shown on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

I LOVE it when Betty White feeds the cow to the alligator!

Thanks Phillas. I'll set my alarm for 2:30 PM tomorrow then.

The Dugout got a leaked copy of the speech: http://mlb.fanhouse.com/2009/07/25/the-dugout-stop-thief/

Whoops. The induction ceremony is Sunday (today), 12:30pm ET, showing on MLB network.
Sorry MDT. I am not very bright.

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