Weekend Questions

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  • WILL any of today's deadline deals amount to anything? There were a lot of them, so it's likely.
  • WHAT does MLB Trade Rumors do now that their Christmas is over?
  • WHO does Bronson Arroyo think he is, admitting he took andro and uppers in 2003?
  • WHEN will we stop hearing about trades? About 25 minutes after the 4 p.m. deadline, suddenly Jake Peavy is headed to the White Sox.
  • WILL I remember to prepare over the weekend so we have a top-notch Walkoff Walk next week? Yes, yes I will.
  • ARE the Braves locks to win the World Series this year? Yes, now that Barbaro is playing first base.

Drew Fairservice will be with you over the weekend. Laters!

Photo via Caveman 92223 (I assume this is one of those Geico guys); in the front row, third from left, is Walter Johnson

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He looks nothing like his statue.

He looks nothing like my johnson.

That thing looks EXACTLY like my johnson. Two long shafts and one ball. It's also leather and wood.

We all need to start speaking in old-timey English, like Ty Cobb does in his description of Walter Johnson. Who knew that nasty, awful bigot was so poetic?

Also, we need more managers named Pongo Joe. Pongo Joe Maddon, it is.

"We couldn't touch him... every one of us knew we'd met the most powerful arm ever turned loose in a ball park."

"Then we lynched some dark folk and beat up a midget with one leg."

-Ty Cobb

I've never seen anything that "hissed with danger," except that one-legged midget.

Paraphrased from King of the Hill: A lot of ball players have superstitions. Some put a lucky penny in their shoe. Ty Cobb beat up a ballerina before each game.

I mean this with all sincerity: I would bang Bridget the Midget. Mostly for the stories, but also because I want to bang her.

Another cut-up job by Philadelphia Magazine's "Best Blogger". Next year I should probably plan my vacation so I don't miss deadline day, though.

You know, I would think that Tucker Max would just use his own name for commenting purposes.

You taking a week off at the end of October, too?

Aw, thanks Rob. Don't worry, I won't Wally Pipp you, especially because you own this site. That would be like someone Wally Pipping Connie Mack.

Also you know waaaaaaay more about baseball than I do. And generally do a better job unless it's in the category of making screenshots.

Back row, second from left: Ken Rosenthal's grandpappy

You're a big ol' jerk, NJ. That was mean.

“My fastball, everybody has told me—unless they’re lying—that its good enough,” Smoltz said, but “I’m getting to the point where I’ve got to put a string of (good) games together.”

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