Which Canuck Should Have Shown Up to Belt Out "O, Canada"?

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For whatever reason, Canada's national anthem was not performed live before the All Star Game last night. Major League Baseball decided that a perfect counterpoint to bland Sheryl Crow's rendition of "Let's Go Kick Some Ass, U-S-A" would be a canned, military band recording of "O, Canada, Keep Sending Us Your Comedians and Hockey Players" blared out over the P.A.

Canadian native, poutine sympathizer, and my arch-nemesis Justin Morneau is pissed, eh?

"I wasn't very impressed with that to tell you the truth," Morneau said. "You figure they could find somebody to come and sing the song. They have a hockey team here, the Canadian teams play here.

"It's something that didn't really go over too well. I think if it happened the other way around, if they were playing in Toronto and they did that, it would have been a lot bigger deal. But nothing you can do about it."

Way to throw your hands in the air and give up, Justin. As bloggers and commenters, we can always revise history and help MLB pick out a decent Canadian artist to rep the Great Northern Climes. Since old warbler Gordon Lightfoot was vacationing in Thailand and therefore unavailable, which other Canadian musician would you have liked to see sing "O, Canada" and make Justin Morneau happy?

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Celine Dion.

No seriously.

Propagandhi would have done a fair job AND joined in the booing of Obama.

Mike Reno from Loverboy. After all everbody's working for the weekend.

Bryan Adams.
And all the Americans could yell at him to play Halloweenhead instead.

Aldo Nova would have been my second choice.

WRONG! The correct answer is always Tom Cochrane. Life is a highway and then you die, eh?

Rush. Definitely.

I'll take the dulcet tones of Michael Buble, thus ensuring that anybody who didn't watch the Home Run Derby got to enjoy a three-day coma too.

Gord Downie

Pam Anderson

Drew Fairservice

Broken Social Scene.

It would last 12 hours, and they'd manage to fill the entire field with band members.

My Canuck coworker says Kardinal Offishall, Serial Joe, or Swollen Members. I have no idea who they are, but they all sound sweet.

You're all being silly. The correct answer is Alanis, but the pop-star version, not the angsty version.

It begins and ends with Buffy Sainte-Marie. Try to keep up, folks.

Things for which I will never forgive Rob Iracane: Getting "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" in my head, on a constant loop, perhaps until the end of time.

andre ethier

and then Alanis and Sheryl could have mud wrestled in the on deck circle...

John K. Samson


@Phony Gwynn

Your coworker knows what the hell he's talking about.

John K. Samson once asked me how my soup tasted. His talking voice isn't as whiny as his singing voice, I thought that was interesting.

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