Your All Star Starting Pitchers Will Dazzle You For Two Innings

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As expected, stud pitchers Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay have been named by their respective managers to kick up dirt on the pitchers mound in the first inning (and maybe second!) of tomorrow night's All Star Game in St. Louis. Lincecum missed out on his first ASG appearance last year at Yankee Stadium because of dehydration, but won't let that stop him this year:

(Timmy) was asked if he would take any precautions to make sure he doesn't get sick again this year. He said he would load up on fluids to stay hydrated and have Giants teammate Matt Cain "put a leash around my neck, keep me in a room."

Sexy! But be careful, Tim. That's pretty much how former Brave Ron Gant went oh-fer his career as an All Star: by spending the night before the game in 1995 getting roped like a steer by Carlos Baerga. Kids, don't mess around with leashes or you'll Michael Hutchence yourself.

As for Doc Halladay, he earned his badge of honor because Joe Maddon employs the Rob Iracane theory of selecting All Star starters: when comparing Roy to Zack Greinke, Overmanagin' Joe went with the superstar who has put up the more impressive numbers over the past few years.

"I think Doc over the last several years has demonstrated to be possibly the best pitcher in the American League," Maddon said. "Just based on this season and a body of work, I thought that he deserved the nod."

In other words, keep trying your hardest and you might start an All Star Game in 2011, Senor Greinke.

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don't mess around with leashes or you'll Michael Hutchence yourself

That goes for extension cords, too.


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