Aging Moptop Sports Brand New Mop on Top at Yankees Game

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Famed songwriter of "Listen to What the Man Said" Paul McCartney took in a Yankees game last night with "Kids in the Hall" producer Lorne Michaels and Prizzi's Honor star Jack Nicholson. Paul took the opportunity to debut a new toupee...looking sharp, Macca! Also, note that Jack Nicholson is defying all sense of good taste and wearing a Tinky-Winky purple shirt. I can only hope that bright purple is not a fashion trend or else my girlfriend will make me wear it.

Oh, the Yankees won the game last night and the trio above even sat through some actual rain. Kudos to them!

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I'd like to thank Drew's liveglog for the Yankees win last night.

Don't mock his shirt, Nicholson was just made an assistant on the Ravens training staff.

You can take the Lakers superfan out of LA, but you can't get teh loud mouth to wear a decent shirt.

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