Andrew McCutchen Welcomes Big Bro to the Majors Today

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The Brothers McCutchen are finally being reunited! Teammates earlier this year on the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians, Andrew was called up earlier this summer to play centerfield for the Pirates while Daniel will take the mound for his first big league start today against Cincinnati. The former Yankee draft pick had a tidy 7-1 record with a 2.29 ERA in his last 10 starts in Triple-A and posted impressive numbers with 110 strikeouts against just 26 walks in 142 innings pitched. He's still considered a 'prospect' despite the fact that he is almost 27.

Danny's little brother Andrew has already been putting on quite the show for the big league club and, despite losing three more games this weekend at Miller Park to extend their losing streak to 21 games in Bob Uecker's house, the future looks pretty darn bright. Especially against the Reds in a double dip today. Dusty's handing the ball to Kip freakin' Wells, who hasn't won a start in over two years.

Pittsburgh initially wanted to send Daniel to participate with Team USA in the IBAF World Cup, an event that sounds totally made up but is, in fact, real. However, with so many young arms with innings limits on the MLB squad, the Pirates decided it'd be best to give Danny a taste of the big leagues and send prospect Brad Lincoln to Regensburg, Germany for Team USA's first round matchups. It's all for the best; Brad Lincoln always wanted to see the Walhalla Temple anyway. And Dan McCutchen always wanted to strike out Wladimir Balentien, which he'll get the opportunity to do today at 1PM.

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I was born a poor black child

I love me some Monday morning racism.

Tell me about it, 310toJoba. I can't believe some teams still call themselves the Indians.

First we had Brad Penny, now Brad Lincoln? Who's next? Brad Log Cabin? Brad Emancipation?

Really, what did Gandhi do to deserve such scorn and ridicule?

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