Baseball Before Bedtime: Debaser

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What happened in baseball yesterday when you were slicing up eyeballs

Yankees 13, Red Sox 6. OMGOMGOMGYANKSSOXYANKSSOX!!! And now we have a whole weekend of wall-to-wall coverage from ESPN to look forward to. Anyway, yesterday the Yankees broke the Curse of the Bambino II, ending their eight-game losing streak this year against the Bosox when Muhammad Ali (honored pregame) hit two three-run homers. I think that's what happened.

Angels 9, White Sox 5. "Oh boy, it's going to be exciting," said Bobby Abreu, and who are we to doubt! He and three others (Erick Aybar, Vlad Guerrero and Jeff Mathis) homered yesterday for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a cool 4.5 games up in the AL West.

Dodgers 5, Braves 4. Andre Ethier -- he of the yoga sessions at Dodger Stadium -- hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to win it for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. It's Ethier's fifth walkoff hit of the year, meaning all that yoga must be delivering good karma, or something. The Dodgers still have the best record in baseball (67-42).

Padres 8, Mets 3. Clayton Richard, who came over from the White Sox in the deal for Jake Peavy, won his first game for his new team and got his first major league RBI to boot. Adrian Gonzalez also homered. It was just late May the Mets were 27-20 and first in the NL East. They're now an astonishing 11 games back and have 104% of their opening day roster on the disabled list.

Diamondbacks 11, Pirates 6. The D-Backs have won seven of eight, which can happen when you play the Mets and Pirates in back-to-back series. (To be fair, they also have a win against the Phillies in this streak.) It was just early April that the D-Backs were in first in the AL West, for one day, after the first game of the season. They have really been awful since then and are like 100 million games back.

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I can't believe ESPN just wrote all over its front page like that. Weird, I know.


That's all from me right now, go back to your coffee/eggs/freebasing.

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