Bernie Madoff Still Haunting the Mets

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New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon lost hundreds of millions of dollars when Bernie Madoff's super-awesome investment firm proved to be nothing more than a bundle of twenties stuffed in a shoebox underneath Bernie's twenty-four carat gold bed. But there was no way that Wilpon's empty pockets could possibly affect the Mets in a negative way, right? Via Metsblog presented by Verizon:

According to Baseball America, the Mets spent the least amount of money on top draft picks of any team in the major leagues, totaling $1.9 million on seven players.

In terms of team's from the NL East, the Nationals spent the most, followed by the Marlins, Braves, Phillies and Mets.

Oh, whoops. Looks like the cupboard is bare, fellas. Wilpon couldn't scrape together a few more sheckels from underneath his couch cushions to reward his newest class of young Mets? To put their spending in perspective, their crosstown rival Yankees spent $4.7 million on their top eight players. The Mets should be positively printing money what with their brand new palatial Dodgers Hall of Fame stadium, but instead, they've been cautious with their cash, failing to make a deadline deal and cutting costs by not maintaining their physical plant.

In all fairness (yeah when are we ever fair to the Mets?), the Mets didn't have a true first round draft pick because they traded it away to the Dodgers for some magic beans. They drafted local boy Steven Matz at the end of the second round and locked him down for just under $900,000 which is totally first round money.

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900,000 will buy a lot of hair gel, gold chains and fake tans


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