Big League Stew on the Walkoff Walk Podcast: Come 'n' Get It

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Last night, Wrigleyworld author Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew fame joined me and Drew on the ol' podcast. We learned that Drew's one-track mind is so narrowly focused on the Blue Jays that he wrote to the team about lowering the outfield walls in the Rogers Centre so he can lean over and stroke Vernon Wells' luscious locks.

Other topics of discussion included Derek Jeter's shortstop hits record and why it's the greatest record in the history of humankind, and banning beer at baseball stadiums on a permanent basis.

Check out the latest episode of the Walkoff Walk Furious Five radio show in all its delicious entirety over at Blog Talk Radio. Or, use this nifty embedded player that I just figured out how to use:

The awesome live Warren Zevon tune at the end was his cover of the Leonard Cohen song "First We Take Manhattan", recorded at Cleveland's Empire Concert Club in January 1992 and available for download at the Internet Archive. In fact, from this point forward, every WoW radio show will end with a Zevon tune. Objections?

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Where was Catshirt to break up the nice-off that was going on?

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