Black Cat Would Curse Royals If They Could Get Any Worse

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Last night, Zack Grrrrreinke (Matt T. suggested Kyle Fursworth; I was also thinking Yuniesky Betancat) ran out onto the field at Kauffman Stadium during the top of the fifth inning.

In the above clip, the PBP guy actually announces the cat's run through the field; he also mentions that the cat is showing its teeth and recaps an "hilarious" blooper where a grounds crew member is scratched and bitten.

He also suggests the cat ran onto the field because someone brought it to the game, instead of the more likely scenario that the cat lives at the stadium. (Veterans Stadium had a family of cats living in it.)

Also amusing: The reactions of the Royals players.

"It jumped from the stands into our bullpen," said Mariners' reliever Shawn Kelley said. "We thought it was going to attack [pitching coach] John [Wetteland] so we had to divert it away from him. It scaled an eight-foot wall, it really did. We were just concerned with saving John. We thought he was in trouble. He was cornered."

Who knew a cat could even comprehend the size of an eight-foot wall, let alone scale it. But whatever. Cats are so cute when they run! I could watch this clip all day. I might, actually.

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The cat has a higher OBP than Tony Pena.

Yeah, Rob, but can the cat pitch like Tony?

Just wait, coming soon...
August 25 vs. Philadelphia Phillies - 7:05 pm
Pup Night
Bring your pup with you to PNC Park! A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit local animal shelters. Proof of vaccination must be presented upon entry.

Someone in Pirates' marketing will be fired!

I took my daughter to the Astrodome in '99 and they let kids run the bases afterward. We were standing in line on the concourse and -- foomp! -- a little gray furball (Lance Brrrkman?) dropped from a hole in the ductwork above. None of the stadium workers were surprised by the kitten's appearance.

With the take-off speed shown, I woulda guessed it was one of the Molina brothers.

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