Chris Young Spends Some Quality Time With a Turlet

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Nationals Park is the perfect ballpark for a perfectly awful team in a perfectly backwards town. For every nicety like the Red Porch, there is an accompanying mistake like the parking garage that blocks the view of the Capitol. For every clever bit of entertainment like the Presidents Race, there is an accompanying bit of nightmare fuel. Sure, the Nats have a tidy eight-game winning streak but it's only a matter of time before the stadium built on an ancient Indian burial ground consumes its own.

In fact, the park has already started taking prisoners on opposing teams. Its first victim? Diamondbacks outfielder Chris Young who got stuck in quite a pickle over the weekend:

He struck out three times and flied out to end the game, but Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young's night was about to get worse on Saturday. For 30 minutes after the game, he was locked inside the bathroom adjacent to the visitors' dugout and ballpark personnel had to pry open the door so he could get out.

That story stinks almost as much as Chris Young's .194 batting average or .655 OPS. And yes, it is most definitely Warshington Nationals Day here at Walkoff Walk.

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It's like my dream come true!

(I dream small.)

Also Rob told me that tomorrow could be Nationals day too if I have another $50.

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