Classic TV Friday: RBI Baseball

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Here's an ad for Tengen's RBI Baseball. I don't know if the company was sued for this ad, but it's clearly false advertising; I've played the ever-frustrating RBI Baseball, and it's nothing like this.

I really dig the cheesy synthesizer on the announcer's voice. It makes him almost impossible to hear! Maybe this is why Blades of Steel, Tecmo Bowl and its sequel were my NES sports games of choice.

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I have logged more than enough hours on RBI to explain to you why the Twins are overrated and the Cards are underrated.

Jason Giambi is toastbread.


Any time I see a commercial of a kid playing a game in his bedroom, I just keep waiting for Frank Thomas to start wailing on him. Never happens anymore, though.

PG: I didn't get a baseball game for NES until Roger Clemens MVP Baseball, which came out really late in the lifecycle. I pretty much suck at video games, so I'm pretty sure I was just too bad at it to enjoy RBI Baseball.

I can sing the whole RBI them for you right now. Both the regular theme, and the "rally" theme when you had 2 or 3 runners on base.


Am I the only one that was more of a bases loaded fan?

I'm just joshin'. Game-wise it's pretty awful, but it was YOUR awful. Kinda like you could make jokes about your mom, but nobody else could.

Fartie, how about the line-drive homers through the wall down the lines? I loved that glitch.

I liked Bases Loaded. The sequels were all right. They had better graphics but no charging the mound.

Phony knows what's up. Anytime you hit one that was dead even with the foul line, you knew that summbitch was going through a wall.

Bases Loaded was great as well. But they didn't have real players and stats from the 86/87 playoff teams. They also had Jersey, the sucker team. Paste was enough to rope people in before realizing the rest of the team sucked.

Yeah, I played a lot of videogames.

I loved both. When you want homers and 20-run games, it's RBI. When you want to throw a pitch 3 feet outside, and a disembodied catcher's mitt drifts out to get it, and the CPU still swings at it, that's Bases Loaded.

I played a lot, too.

Long live Oko.

Disembodied mitt. Great call.

My other favorite was when you'd throw that slow-rising pitch over the plate, and the mitt would slowly creep up to about head level, and the ump would still call it a strike. I think I struck out all 27 batters once.

The way to hit that was to swing normal, and not hit up on the D-pad.

Yeah, I said D-pad.

Oh, man, I totally forgot about Bases Loaded. I had that, actually. PASTE is one of the greatest video game characters of all time.

There were also beanbrawls in Bases Loaded!

Top video game athletes of all time:

PASTE, Bases Loaded
Bo Jackson and LT, Tecmo Bowl
QB Eagles, Tecmo Super Bowl
Fat Guy, Ice Hockey
Any player with that rocket line drive super hit from Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
Any quarterback in that Madden game (93? 95?) where if you set a run play from the shotgun with no RBs you could easily run for a 30 yard gain with even Rodney Peete every single play for some reason
Michael Vick, Madden 2004

anybody I forget? Oh, yeah: Me, in Wii Fit downhill skiing. I rule at that.

Laser Gun Mcycle in Base Wars

Jerry Rice in Tecmo Super Bowl caught anything thrown within 20 yards of him

Dino Ciccarelli in NHL '94.

Jeremy Roenick, NHL 94 Sega
Tom Chambers, Lakers vs. Celtics

Al Iafrate's slap shot in one of the NHL Sega games ('92?) was insane.

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