Dugout Steps Attack Mets' Luis Castillo

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crazystairs.jpg It was just three years ago that the Mets were one win away from the National League pennant. Now they're the funniest team in the league, especially if you happen to be a fan of one of their rivals. They've missed the playoffs the past two years despite leading the NL East in September, and this season has been lost for quite a while now.

So, naturally, here's some more news for the Mets: Jose Reyes is probably done for the rest of the year, Adam Rubin reports, though I suppose Rubin could just be after Reyes' shortstop job. (Rimshot.)

And, of course, there's Luis Castillo's injury last night, where he fell down the dugout stairs and sprained his ankle. X-rays were negative, but he had to leave the game in the seventh. That link goes to MLB.com, which somehow has a video highlight of Castillo's fall down the steps. Such a useful website!

So what's next for the Mets? I fully expect David Wright to be injured while watching G-Force (he watches it nightly), perhaps while putting on his 3D glasses. Johan Santana should probably avoid any and all sharp objects. Also I guess they'll play out the season and fire Omar Minaya at the end of it, or something.

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Someone, please keyboard cat that video.

After watching last night's game - I get every Mets and Yankees game in my hometown - I don't think I could blame my Met fan cousin if he got wasted on a Tuesday.

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