Eric Bruntlett Makes History with Game Ending Unassisted Triple Play

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Mere moments after committing an error that led to a run and making one misplay that led to the tying run reaching base, Phillies second baseman Eric Bruntlett made history by converting just the fifteenth unassisted triple play in MLB history. It was also a 'walkoff' unassisted triple play. Evidence:

The best part about it? Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur was the victim of the historic feat and added to his FAILcoeur meme credentials.

UPDATE: Meech's video is far nicer and in sexy high definition:

Stolen with care from The Fightins.

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I was watching this game on TV when this happened. About a minute before the Walkoff Unassisted Triple Play, I said out loud "...and he grounds into a triple play! Game over!" I thought I was kidding...

Of all the weird ways the Mets have lost a ballgame in 2009, this one immediately jumps up to the top of the list.

My dad called me when this happened and screamed into the phone "JESUS CHRIST CLARE DID YOU SEE THAT?!" I had to tell him no, I didn't; I was making a quiche Lorraine.



First one of those since Guy Clark did it in nineteen dickety five.

MDT wears an onion on his belt.

I couldn't get white onions, because of the war.

In his first start as a Cardinal, John Smoltz breaks the franchise record for most Ks in a row.

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