Hit the Bricks, Rizzo: Jersey Boy Jerry DiPoto To Fix the Nats

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Ever since general manager extraordinaire Jim Bowden got shitcanned by the Washington Nationals, the team has been a rudderless ship floating haphazardly through the morass of Adam Dunn base-clogging, poor pitching, and children frightened by Screech. Or has it? Interim G.M. Mike Rizzo oversaw the Nyjer Morgan trade, witnessed an actual eight-game winning streak, and was the figurehead who got the praise when the team signed top draft pick Stephen Strasburg at the last minute. Sounds like a good enough resume to keep the job.

I guess the answer is no. Rizzo is out, so who's the new kid in town, CBS Sports blogger Danny Knobler?

The Nationals appear to have chosen Diamondbacks executive Jerry DiPoto as their new general manager.

DiPoto has told friends in Arizona that he plans to accept the job, which opened when Jim Bowden resigned under pressure this spring. Mike Rizzo has been serving as acting general manager, and Rizzo was one of three final candidates for the job, along with DiPoto and Red Sox assistant Jed Hoyer, according to sources.

"[DiPoto] will be a heck of a pick, but what hasn't [Rizzo] done to earn the opportunity to stay?" said one National League executive who knows both men.

Not enough Jersey credibility, anonymous executive! My paisan DiPoto from Toms River, Jersey is in charge now! Fella spent eight years in the majors, pitching for the Indians just before they started playing well, and then the Mets and Rockies before becoming a scout for the Red Sox. He was a candidate for the Mariners GM job last year but can't be too disappointed inheriting an even worse team in the Nationals. Hey, get them to 70 wins within two years and it's a total success!

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"The Knobler Blog" sounds like a particularly disgusting (i.e., awesome) sex act.

PUNxsutawney Phil says:

Isn't Knobler's Blog where they do Groundhog Day each year?

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