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It's a very special day for fans of baseball and fans of new media! Courtesy of the Bronx Banter Blog we learn that on this date in 2002, the first video streaming coverage of a major league baseball game takes place on the internet. Approximately 30,000 fans visit MLB.com to see the Yankees defeat the Rangers, 10-3. In honor of this much-celebrated anniversary, there will be no liveglog today.

I'm kidding of course. There's no liveglog today because the games suck. Kidding, Tigers fans, kidding. But! I promise some hot whiparound coverage tomorrow. Here's the crap today:

  • Indians at Royals, 2:10PM: What are the chances that Luke Hochevar replicates Zack Greinke's record-setting 15 K performance today against Cleveland? Higher than you think, mostly because it's the same group of buffoons swinging at the high hard one. Still, even if Hochevar strikes out 27 batters, he'll probably still end up allowing 4 homers and the Royals will lose. Someone named David Huff starts for the Indians.

  • Tigers at Angels. 3:35PM: Edwin Jackson threw a complete game four-hitter against the Angels back in June. He'll look to build on that success today as the Tigers seek a sweep in Anaheim for the first time since nineteen dickety three. Hey, Detroit now has a larger lead in the AL Central than the Angels do in the AL West. My, how the pendulum is swinging back the other way!

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I just took a look at next Wednesday's schedule. Things don't look too good, more suck.

Approximately 30,000 fans visit MLB.com to see the Yankees defeat the Rangers

Unfortunately, that was about 29,682 more fans than the server could accommodate. Six of those people are STILL waiting for the game to load.

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