I Finally Met My Girlfriend's Dad Last Night

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Courtesy of reader phillas comes this screencap of last night's Yankees-A's tilt out in Oakland. I'm thrilled that the camera caught me in the stands meeting up with my girlfriend and her dad, a diehard A's fan. We got along great even though my Yanks toppled his team 3-2 behind yet another Mark Teixeira tater tot.

And if you're wondering why I don't have more hilarious content for you today, it's because I locked myself in my pantry last night until I finished writing this guest piece at Baseball Analysts.

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He and Kris Liakos have been active for over 18 months and their biggest claim to fame is posting a video of a shrimp running on a treadmill backed by "Yakety Sax" whenever an MLB team wins on a Walkoff Walk.

It sounds kind of silly when a grown-up tries to explain it, no? Kind of undermines all of that fancy math you did in your post.

Yeah, I wrote that little "intro".

I appreciate that you wrote for a generally humorless stat geeks site and still used "tater tots" and "empty canvas on which to paint your own home run."

Those squares must have dropped their abacuses in shock.

"active for over 18 months"

Sexually active? Way to go!

You look like Leitch with a shitty goatee.

Your girlfriend's dad is Farthammer?

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