I'm Back. And So Is Jon Lester.

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What better way to celebrate my return to Walkoff Walk than by revisiting this year's wager? I mean, really. When I went on hiatus back at the beginning of June, who would have ever thought I'd return two months later with all my clothes on and Jon Lester having a better ERA+ than CC Sabathia? Well believe the second half of it, cause I'm winning the bet.

Lester be rocking a 124 and CC has a 112. And if he doesn't turn things around the gap could widen. Sabathia has surrendered 13 runs over 19 innings in his last 3 starts.

Ignoring the soul crushing end result, Lester threw a gem last night in Tampa. He was scoreless through six before being pulled after hitting the first batter of the 7th, a victim of a high pitch count. Up to that point Lester's pitch location was pretty flawless. He appears to be finding a quote unquote groove.

So in summation: It's good to be back and Rob should start warming up his voice.

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Who is this..."Kris Liakos" of which you speak? Sounds made up.

All right! You didn't "BAIL LIKE DIME STORE FISHIN LINE" or something.

praise be to lobster baby!

Hey, look - Dad's home!

I didn't even notice you were gone. BURN

Hopefully in your time off you found a spare moment to do some laundry, FilthyCatshirt.

First day of work and he didn't even shave.

Oh and if someone photoshopped one of Kris' shirts onto Keyboard Cat, then had Keyboard Cat play Chipper Jones off, we would all explode simultaneously.


Especially if it was the clip of ole Chip taking a fall the other night when he tried to field a ball.

Giants rook catcher: first HR is a grand slam. Suck it Houston!

Are you back in Pog form?

For me, it's like he never left.

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