Kevin Youkilis Just Wanted To Hug Rick Porcello

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There was a bench-clearing un-brawl at Fenway Park last night, y'all! You can't call this a brawl, especially a day after we posted the epic 1984 Braves-Padres brawl. Compared to that epic battle, the Red Sox-Tigers tussle was more like the Paris Peace Accords.

Still, it's early and there was no Baseball Before Bedtime. So we give you the YouTube video:

After Kevin Youkilis got plunked in retaliation by Rick Porcello, Youk charged the mound, threw his helmet, and attempted to tackle Porcello. What happened next is confusing to me. Did Youkilis complete the tackle or did Porcello strongarm Youkilis on the way down and get credit for the takedown?

Either way, Youkilis is obviously in need of some intimacy and wanted to roll around on the ground with a friend. You can't blame him for that.

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This post deserves a "roidrage" tag.

throwing the helmet was a puss move.

Who throws a helmet? I mean really.

Aww, Come on! Give Uncle Youkie a hug!

My first instinct in any fight is to figure out which accessory I'm wearing would be the easiest to throw at my adversary. Then? I throw it.

Mike Lowell would throw his colostomy bag.

I've got Porcello ahead 10-9 for the sloppy but effective hip toss.

@MDT, I wrestled in high school. Porcello executed a nice "head and arm". I've awarded him 2 pts for a take down.

Youk is a bitch for throwing his helmet. Odd that he'd charge Porcello, but not Edwin Jackson the night before.

This, of course, is because white people in Boston are scared of black people.

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