Monday Morning Movement Memo: Charlie Kelly Edition

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Monday mornings ever so that we may bring you a quick, post-weekend update on the division and wild card races. Thus, Monday Morning Movement Memo will document which way your favorite team is headed, organized by race.

National League Wild Card: The Rockies flew too close to the sun. Just a few days after we thought they'd be battling the Dodgers for the NL West title, Colorado landed in San Francisco and proceeded to have their wings melted by Edgar Renteria et al. The Giants swept the Rox and moved into a tie for the Wild Card lead, 3.5 games ahead of the Marlins and Braves with five weeks to go. Matt Cain had an atypical mediocre performance yesterday and did not factor in the decision, but Renteria's late tetra tot pushed the Giants towards the win. We could let San Fran and the Fightin' Jim Tracies play out the rest of the sked against one another, but we'll settle for a three-game tilt in a couple weeks back in the city by the bay.

American League Wild Card: Hey, thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays for helping make this race that much more uninteresting. Cito's boys rolled over and played dead in a three-game tilt with Wild Card leader Boston this weekend including a SIX INNING SHUTOUT AT THE HANDS OF WASHED UP RECOVERING MASTURBATER PAUL BYRD. Toronto fans, you made fun of me when I called the Blue Jays offense "worsening" but you all owe me an apology after yesterday's game. Paul freakin' Byrd! The Sox maintain a 3.5 game lead over Texas and a 5.5 game lead over Tampa.

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