Monday Morning Movement Memo: Charlie Kelly Edition

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Monday mornings ever so that we may bring you a quick, post-weekend update on the division and wild card races. Thus, Monday Morning Movement Memo will document which way your favorite team is headed, organized by race.

  • American League Wild Card: Texas closer Frank Francisco carried around the fate of the Rangers in his pocket like so many nickels and dimes. On Friday night, big fella single-handedly opened the floodgates and let in six Red Sox runs in the ninth to blow the save and give up the game, pushing Texas back to 1.5 back in the race. On Sunday afternoon, Frankie shut down Ellsbury, Pedroia, and V-Mart for the save and the rubber game win that thrusted the Rangers into the Wild Card lead by a mere 0.5 games. Fifty-two-year-old Gregg Zaun smacked a tetra tot yesterday that helped Tampa take the last two of three against Toronto and keep pace, 3.5 games behind Texas.

  • National League Wild Card: The Marlins took two of three from the Wild Card leading Rockies this weekend and now sit just 2 games out. Meanwhile, the Giants can concuss all the Mets superstars they want but if they don't actually win some games against losing teams like New York, they won't make up ground. Chicago picked up a game and a half by toppling the Pirates and are now tied with the Braves, 3.5 games out.

Thank goodness for the Wild Card, bitches, because the division races are beginning to resemble your sister on junior prom night: a sure thing. Besides the White Sox, no second place teams are within 4 games of first place. I'd give credit to Bud Selig for instituting the six-division system that gave birth to the Wild Card, but then I'd have to ignore all his many, many career missteps and mistakes. Like this fashion faux pas. I digress. Wild Card, bitches.

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