Pedro, Jamie, and Green Man Team Up to Help Phils Top D-Backs

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Jamie Moyer played the role of long reliever last night to near perfection. After starter Pedro Martinez was pulled from the game due to a pesky hourlong rain delay in the fourth, Uncle Cholly called on his newest bullpen dude to take over dominating the light-hitting Diamondbacks. Old Man Moyer ended up finishing the game, throwing six innings, striking out five, and allowing but two hits (the same number of hits he himself collected at the plate).

But hey, Green Man's appearance can only mean one thing: less than one month until a new "Sunny"! The dudes on the MLB Network were confused by this creature when they showed the highlights of Carlos Ruiz' tater tot; Greg Amsinger thought it was co-host Mitch Williams. Matt Vasgersian called him "Super Sloppy Double Dare Guy". Way to be completely outside the sphere of pop culture, Matt!

UPDATE: Via Glenn Howerton and ajc308 comes this vidcap of the nonsense that ensued in the MLB Network studios:

(screencap purloined from the good people at The 700 Level)

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Matt Vasgersian is lucky he didn't get a volleyball to the face after that comment, but at least those guys acknowledge Green Man. It'll be another 18 months before espn notices.

I just want to sit in my chair and get black out drunk.

Wait, what are these little bits of paper in my beer.

Oh that? That's acid. I dosed your beer.

Gonna kick a little ass. Rock on flyin' eagle!

Sept. 17 can't get here fast enough.

Little known fact: Catshirt is the inspiration for the "Charley" character.

I tried to explain Green Man to the folks in our box last night, but most of them hadn't even heard of Sunny.

During the intense rain delay, I sauntered out of our box like the land baron that I am and snapped this pic of the lower concourse. It's noteworthy only because during the entire delay, not one punch was thrown nor one hair extension ripped out. Congrats, Phils fans!

Having now met njpanick in person, I can actually visualize him sauntering.

You can also picture me jogging up the steps at CBP and falling flat on my drunk face, too.

njpanick: I envy your friends who have never heard of It's Always Sunny.

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