Pedro's First Phillies Start Marred By Idiot Fan's Golden Shower

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Just as Pedro Martinez was escaping a jam as the Phillies cruised to a 12-3 fifth inning lead, some jamook in Chicago decided that throwing his beer at center fielder Shane Victorino as he tried to field a fly ball would be just hilarious. It wasn't. It was dangerous, stupid, and downright criminal. I hope said jamook is banned from Wrigley Field for life and arrested for 'assault with a watery Old Style'.

I have to apologize, though, for my haste in Tweeting a picture of this poor pudgy chap, whom ESPN fingered for tossing the beer: chubbybitch.jpg

Turns out he wasn't the perp. My boys in Philly were watching on Comcast and said it was some skinny dude in the front row who committed the grave violation of the Fan Code. Sorry, Chubs!

UPDATE: Here is your perp, courtesy of Chicago Now:


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Twitter Dave is not happy with you, Rob.

Yet another example of bloggers not having the same ethical standards of journalism as print journalists.

By the way, Baseball Before Bedtime is pretty much dead now, so feel free to talk about the Braves game in this post, Matt.

Oh sweet.
LaRoche hit 2 taters last night.

Secret Walkoff Walk fact: Eunice Kennedy Shriver used to write Baseball Before Bedtime.

I saw this while watching on MLB live look in last night. hard to believe someone wearing a wrist band and those sunglasses would act like a douchebag.

His friend has the look on his face of 'BRO WHY'

How do we not have this guy's blood type and serial number already? Isn't there some sort of douchebag Internet clearinghouse in Chicago like Late Night Shots here in DC?

In Wrigleyville, douchebag isn't the exception, it's the rule.

People at my last job WANTED to be featured on Late Night Shots. Reason #462 why its good I'm not there anymore.

And I really can't believe those two bros would do something like throwing a beer at a player. The tilted cap and 80s shades are just a tribute to their favorite Cubs of the past, right?

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