Phillies in a Pickle: A Plethora of Pitchers!

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jaaaaaayhapppedro.jpg Last night, Pedro Martinez drew the largest crowd in Reading Phillies history (just 47 fans shy of 10,000) with his 11-strikeout performance. It was definitely the most exciting thing to happen in Berks County in months. Years, maybe!

Meanwhile, down the road (actually, I-176 and I-76) in Philadelphia, J.A. Happ was striking out 10 batters himself in a complete-game shutout.

With the acquisition of Cliff Lee, the Phillies' rotation is crowded and everyone has an opinion on who should head to the bullpen. Rodrigo Lopez has already been sent there despite posting a 3.62 ERA in starts this year. Lee, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton are definites in the rotation. Happ should be, too, you'd think; even though he's a rookie his workload this year is almost in line with what he's done in the minors. He also has two complete-game shutouts.

But Jamie Moyer can't really be sent to the bullpen, and Pedro Martinez was signed to be a hired gun in the rotation come August and September. Martinez hasn't been fantastic in the minors -- he's having trouble pitching from the stretch -- but he's struck out a ton and could be more than serviceable in the majors.

So what to do? Send the kid to the 'pen? Here's the simple answer I don't know if anyone has said yet: Rosters expand on Sept. 1. Jamie Moyer just needs to get an "injury" and stick it out on the DL, dispensing wisdom to the younger players and spinning yarns about baseball lore; he can come off it when rosters expand.

Pretty simple, right? Sounds like an excellent plan to me. A quick Google search makes me believe Moyer hasn't been on the DL since 1989, which is pretty incredible, so the Moyer would probably also set the record for most time in-between trips to the disabled list. Everybody wins!

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How the times have changed, just 9 months ago we were all teary eyed as Moyer carried the World Series pitching rubber off the field. Now we're all wishing him a phantom ailment just so he'll make way for 2009's Kyle Kendrick and a lispy man with a Jheri-Curl.

Now that I've made it, I regret the Happ-Kendrick comparison. Happ would never fall for that "traded to Japan" gimmick.

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