Put the Zooperstars in the Hall of Fame

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A short mention of Zooperstar Ichiroach yesterday led to an outpouring of love in the comments for said Zooperstars. If you're not familiar with these athlete parody mascots, your life is about to get better when you visit their website.

They're all there: Alex Frogriguez, Dick Flytale, Mackerel Jordan, Shark McGwire, Donovan McCrabb, Centipete Rose, Elephant Presley (for some reason), Monkey Mantle, Clammy Sosa, Harry Canary, Nolan Rhino, Stallion Iverson, Ichiroach, Nomar Garciaparrot, Roger Clamens and, like, a ton more. This page says that Manatee Ramirez and Barack Ollama are coming soon.

Last night, I was thinking that for too long, Cooperstown's doors have been closed to the Zooperstars, due to their obvious steroid use. Hell, so have the doors of Canton, Springfield and Toronto, as well as Wildwood, New Jersey (home of the National Marbles Hall of Fame).

As such, this is a call to all the Zooperstars fans: Write your senators and your representatives. Call your local television stations. It's time the Zooperstars take their rightful place in the Hall.

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By the way, I think Barack Ollama is going to be white, no? THAT'S going to be an awkward character.

People will really love Ollama at first but the crowd will slowly turn once they start to see he lacks any real substance to go with all of that style that he has.

dmac, you've made so many people happy this morning.

Is Rob still wasted?

If anybody needs me I'll be copying petitions

One of the greatest takes on the Zooperstars ever was penned by Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing, here. It's long, but what else do you have to do with your day?

I wholeheartedly support this noble cause. The Zooperstars have given me so much. It's about time I give back.

Why are they taking a picture in front of the background from my prom?

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