Sic transit gloria mundi: Today's Afternoon Games

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If it's a Wednesday, it's time for a liveglog! That is, unless I flake out and leave you hanging. Today, I will give you Whiparound Coverage from 3PM EDT to 5PM EDT. Why whiparound? Because my XM radio dial is broken and cannot stay on one station for longer than 7 minutes at a time. Since it's hot hot hot out, stow away the blazer and put on your Official Liveglog polo shirts. Here is your daytime schedule:

  • Blue Jays at Yankees, 1:05PM: You might not be able to afford A.J. Burnett anymore, Toronto, but who cares when you're paying Ricky Romero mere pennies on the dollar? Both gents are 10-5 and both gents have nearly equal ERAs (Burnett 3.67, Romero 3.66). This isn't just a rubber match of teams: it's a rubber match of dudes with equal records, one lefty, one righty, one grizzled, one bright-eyed, one with horrendous tattoos covering 93% of his body, and one whose name reminds me of Glengarry Glen Ross.

  • Athletics at Orioles, 1:35PM: Oakland rookie starter Vin Mazzaro ended a 0-8 streak with a 7.72 ERA in 10 starts by beating the Royals last week. He'll try to keep up his new winning streak by toppling the offensively slumping Orioles. This is far easier than it sounds.

  • Rays at Angels, 3:35PM: Looks like former Angels closer and former Rays closer Troy Percival is hanging up his spikes for good, y'all. Fella is 8th on the all time closer list with 358 saves and was quite the cog in the Rayspocalypse last year. The Angels will tribute him in today's game by lowballing a contract offer then pushing him out the door.

  • Mets at Diamondbacks, 3:40PM: With a Diamonbacks win today, they will sweep the Mets and actually have a better record than the sadsack NL East team I actually predicted would trade for Roy Halladay and win the division two weeks ago. Shame on me. Get ready for a ton of walks at the hands of Oliver Perez.

  • Dodgers at Giants, 3:45PM: If we didn't have so much consarn East Coast bias here at Walkoff Walk, I might have gotten more excited about this series. The Dodgers are on the verge of sweeping their most hated rivals but not if Tim Lincecum has any say in the matter. Actually, it doesn't matter what Lincecum says. He just needs to pitch well.

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I prefer wearing my sleeveless blazer, which I will rock during my four-hour board meeting coming up.

I'm wearing my live glog tank top.

We want pictures Gorge.

It's too HOT to whiparound. I want lie-on-the-floor-with-the-AC-at-65 coverage.

If I remember Rushmore correctly, "sic transit gloria" has something to do with handjobs.

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