Strange Fruit: Today's Afternoon Games

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The higher-ups at MLB have deigned to give us a whopping six afternoon games today to make up for yesterday's short schedule. In that case, I'll do a WHIPAROUND liveglog between 2PM EDT and 5PM EDT. Why whiparound? Because the Yankees are playing and I am going to whip my laptop around the room if A.J. Burnett gives up the farm.

  • Rangers at Yankees, 1:05PM: The aforementioned Burnett is struggling, y'all, but he won't have Jorge Posada to argue with on the mound today. Backup catcher and all-around dreamboat Jose Molina will squat behind the plate; the Rangers counter with the battery combo of Dustin Nippert (making his first career start in NYC) and Taylor Teagarden. Who ya got?

  • Mets at Marlins, 1:10PM: The parade of injuries continues for the Mets, folks. Things have gotten so bad that Tim Redding (1-4, 6.10 ERA) is like their #2 starter now. Florida is looking for the home sweep that will propel them back into the Wild Card conversation while the Mets are just looking to get Wilson Valdez some quality at-bats.

  • Reds at Brewers, 2:05PM: As if things couldn't get any worse for Milwaukeeans, the Brew Crew takes the field today to avoid a sweep at the hands of the lowly Reds. The Fightin' Dustys have been riding the hot bat and sexy glove of Scott Rolen who actually stole third base last night. Give it back, Scott! They need that thing today.

  • Astros at Cardinals, 2:15PM: It took Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle all the way until August 26th to eulogize the Astros. Dude, we did that five months ago! Anyway, burgeoning NL Cy Young candidate Chris Carpenter looks to put the screws to Houston today. I expect no less than a two-hit shutout.

  • Nationals at Cubs, 2:20PM: Milton Bradley and the Cubbies look to avoid another Rodney King-esque beatdown at the hands of the Fightin' Adamdunns. Bradley is 5-for-8 with two dongs so far in the series and is finally doing his part to help the Cubs fight for fourth place in the NL Wild Card race.

  • Dodgers at Rockies, 3:10PM: Vicente Padilla makes his Dodger debut in Denver, dudes. This couldn't possibly go awry.

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Padilla is going from the AL to the NL. Look for a perfect game, today.

. . . and a chance of unnecessary commas.

The Burnett's last chance for a "W" this month. Hard to believe after the July he had.

It's all Jorge's fault, Upstate.

@bol, if Burnett loses today with Molina who will he blame?

@Upstate, God and Ted Kennedy.

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