Tex Avery's Batty Baseball - 1944

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From all the way back in 1944 comes this screwball cartoon "Batty Baseball" from legendary Warner Bros/MGM animator Tex Avery. Avery was well-known for creating the character Daffy Duck, who he modeled off one of his friends with a crystal meth addiction.

Although it uses some pretty cheesy sight gags and puns, "Batty Baseball" had enough prurience and violence to make it enjoyable and completely inappropriate for overprotective parents to show their kids nowadays. So I wholeheartedly approve.

(via Bronx Banter blog)

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As one of those overprotective parents, I would shut the thing down only 19 seconds in, when the ump savagely attacks a player with a bat. Ah, cartoon violence of yore...

As a parent, I believe you must expose your children to as much cartoonish violence as possible. Toughens em up. I want my kid to be able to take a shotgun blast to the face and eat firecrackers.

Also, Tex Avery was a god among men.

Who won?

Avery's crystal-meth addled pal. He went on to star in The Wrestler.

Gorge, that is a classic case of overprotective parenting. I watched those violent cartoons my whole life and I was only sent home from school once for hitting a girl much smaller than me with a plastic bat. And I only went to jail once. So there.

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