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Hooray, it's deadline day for #1 draft pick Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals to come to terms! It's like Christmas morning, except without presents under the tree or any joy and excitement whatsoever. Let's put it this way: either Strasburg signs a zillion dollar contract and folks start bemoaning agent Scott Boras' greedy ways, or Strasburg doesn't sign, the Nats lose their rights to the stud pitcher and folks start bemoaning agent Scott Boras' greedy ways. Or the kid just goes to Japan. Either way.

The Nats have already made a record-setting offer to Strasburg, somewhere north of the $10.5 million that Mark Prior got way back in 2001, probably around $15 million. But word on the streets is that Boras and Strasburg want to blow that offer out of the water, more than $20 million, or about 4 million of Joe D's Mr. Coffee rebate coupons.

The sticking point probably isn't even the money, or the contract length. It's about a baseball team trying to please their paying fans and a sports agent trying very hard to please his paying clients. Yes, it's not just about the Nats fans and Stephen Strasburg. This extends to ALL baseball fans and ALL of Boras' clients. You see, if the Nats get Strasburg for a reasonable price, Herr Selig and his cabal of owners will claim victory. If Boras breaks the bank, his appeal will skyrocket to future clients.

Both parties are going to bend but only one is going to break. The deadline is in 10 and a half hours. I'd warn you to get ready for fun and excitement, but this one's probably going to end in a fizzle. Not unlike the typical Nats season come June.

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